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Shared/Certificate Secured Loan

Use Your Funds On Deposit To Earn A Preferred Rate On A Loan!

Who says, "You can't have your cake and eat it too." If you are in the market for a low interest loan . . . We'll let you do just that!

You can use your money on deposit in your Membership Share or Certificate account to secure a credit union loan.

Not only will your money on deposit continue to earn dividends, we will give you a preferred rate on the loan.

Share Secured Loan Rate Calculation:

The interest rate on our Share Certificate Secured loan is fixed at 6.75%.

Share Certificate Loan Rate Calculation:

A Share Certificate loan can be set up as either a term note with no payment due until the Certificate matures or as a monthly installment loan not to exceed the maturity date of the Certificate. If the loan is established as a term note all interest will become due and must be paid before the Certificate can be renewed or redeemed. The Certificate loan interest rate is based on the current Share Certificate rate plus 2%.

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