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CURE Retirement Club

We Make Turning Age 55 A Rewarding Experience!

If you are 55 or older and a member of the Winston-Salem Federal Credit Union, you qualify for an exclusive membership in our CURE Club.

Here's What Your CURE Club Membership Provides You!

1. Add ten basis points to our high yield Share Certificates - That’s right, as a CURE  Club member, you deserve a special rate. We will increase your Share Certificate rate by .10%!

2. Free Checks - Your CURE Club membership entitles you to free standard check orders for your  Checking account.

4. Cashiers Checks - CURE Club members receive this service without charge.

5. Wire Transfers - When you need to send money to another city or state in a hurry, use your CURE  Club membership for free wire transfer of funds, often the entire transaction can be completed the same day.

6. Free Statement and Check Copies - When you need a copy of your statement or check simply request your free copy.

How To Join The CURE Club

When you turn age 55, we will automatically enroll you as a CURE Club member. Once you join you can immediately start using the valuable free services offered by membership.

Your Credit Union Cares About You...and would like to be your lifetime financial partner!
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