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Putting The Power Of Compound Interest To Work For You!

WSFCU's Money Market Share account is a federally insured share account which offers money market rates without tying up funds for a specific period of time. Deposits and withdrawals may be made anytime with no restrictions.

Money Market Application

Minimum Deposit: The minimum deposit to open a WSFCU Money Market account is only $250.

Dividend Rate: The dividend rate on a Money Market account varies with changing conditions in the financial market, so the earnings will keep pace with current market rates. The dividend rate is set by the Board of Directors and is subject to change. Dividends are earned every day the balance remains above the minimum of $250. The dividend rate is compounded daily and paid monthly.

Service Charges: There is no service charge or transfer fees associated with a WSFCU Money Market account.

Availability of Funds: A WSFCU Money Market account offers maximum liquidity in the management of your funds. You may conveniently access your Money Market account by mail, ATMUltraVoice, Online BankingMobile Banking Mobile App or by visiting our Credit Union office.

Information Services: You will receive a comprehensive monthly statement listing the balance and all transactions on your account. This statement also includes the dividend rate and yield during the statement period.

Saving Automatically: Payroll Deduction and Direct Deposit may be available for automatic deposits to your Money Market Share account. With Payroll Deduction, you may arrange for a portion of your net pay to be automatically deposited into your Money Market account. Contact Us or your payroll office if you are not sure if Payroll Deduction and/or Direct Deposit is available where you work.

Non Assignable: Your Money Market Share account may not be used as collateral for a WSFCU loan nor will the Credit Union accept assignments from other creditors.
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