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Actively Preventing Fraud In 2021

Fraud. People you know have been affected by it. Perhaps a friend, perhaps someone in your family, perhaps even you. Nowadays, reports of fraud are all over the news and it can be a very worrying prospect, not to mention the headache fraud is to deal with if it happens to you. Luckily, armed with the knowledge of where and how fraudsters may try to scam you, preventing fraud does not have to be stressful. Set anxiety aside by better protecting yourself with these WSFCU-approved tips and strategies:

  • Tax season is upon us for an extended time this year, so please be wary of fraudsters posing as tax representatives. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will never call you asking for your personal identifying or banking information, such as your social security number, routing number, bank account number, credit card number, or debit card number.
  • Demand for online retail stores with delivery services have been steadily increasing over the last few years and particularly throughout the pandemic. Sadly, as with most popular methods of online purchasing, fraudsters’ interest in online retail scams have also increased. Be on the lookout for fraudsters attempting to impersonate these services. Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and other major retailers with online store fronts will never call you and ask you for personal identifying or banking information.
  • Like watching out for scammers claiming to be the IRS or from a major retailer, do not pay your bill if someone calls you claiming to be Duke Energy. The safest and most convenient way to pay bills is with our online Bill Pay service. You can even set up recurring payments on Bill Pay so that you never have to worry about missing a payment.
  • WSFCU does not recommend the use of Cash App. While it may be gaining in popularity and initially seem quick and convenient, Cash App is often the subject of fraud, with users either scammed out of money or accidentally sending money to the wrong recipient. In most situations, neither of these events can result in a recovery of lost funds. It is crucial to recognize there is no undo button on Cash App. If you do choose to use Cash App or a similar application for transferring funds, be sure check your information carefully before you send any payment because once your money is gone, it is gone.
  • Please make sure your contact information is up to date in our system, especially your current phone number. If the fraud department cannot get in touch with you, the fraud cannot be resolved in your favor. Additionally, if the fraud department cannot get in touch with you, they will restrict access to your debit card and you will not be able to make further purchases until it is resolved. Your WSFCU utilizes a variety of safeguards in place to help prevent fraud, including Premium Text Notifications that send a message to your phone when any out-of-the-ordinary or particularly large transactions are detected. However, if you do not clarify whether the transaction is fraudulent, to protect your funds, the transaction will be blocked until the fraud department hears from you.
  • If you are the victim of fraud, it is vital that you are forthcoming with as much information that you know about potential fraudulent charges and their origination when investigations either with the credit union or the police are ongoing.
  • Download the CardValet® mobile app and sync it to your debit card. This app allows you to conveniently track your debit card purchases as well as limit when and where you card can be used. You can even turn off your card completely in the case of suspected fraud or if your card is stolen. CardValet® access is a free benefit for all WSFCU members. Give us a call if you would like help getting set up on CardValet® and one of our phone service representatives will be glad to assist you.
  • Especially during the pandemic, lots of folks are turning to social media and online dating apps since it is so difficult to safely meet new people in person. Unfortunately, fraudsters have noticed this trend and are increasing their efforts to swindle money through romance scams on popular dating apps. They managed to scam over $300 million dollars in 2020 alone! Under the guise of a fake online profile, scammers usually impersonate someone who is going through an emergency and need money transferred, wired, or provided via gift cards. Unless you have met your romantic interest in person, if they ask for money, it could be a scam. Check out this helpful article from the Federal Trade Commission to learn about what to look out for when you are using dating apps. Online dating can be safe, as long as you know the signs of when you might be chatting with a romance scammer.


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