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Concerning Recent Outages of Online and Voice Response Services

April 28th, 2020 


Dear members,

Your Winston-Salem Federal Credit Union understands that reliable remote access to your funds plays a critical role in your day to day financial affairs, lately more than ever. We also understand that, recently, our online and voice response services have not been consistently available in the capacity our membership deserves and has come to rightly expect.

Over the past month, our Online banking, Mobile banking, and UltraVoice services have experienced three separate outages of various durations due to technological issues as well as resultant maintenance and repairs. These services were offline between the morning of Friday, March 20th and the afternoon of Sunday, March 22nd, for around an hour during the morning of Wednesday, April 8th, and for the majority of the workday on Monday, April 13th. We acknowledge that these outages were highly inconvenient to members attempting to utilize remote services at these times and we apologize. We strive to provide excellent service consistently to our members and recognize that our online and voice access services have not met these standards during the past few weeks.

That is why in response, we are diligently collaborating with our technology partner to actively prevent further service outages, recognizing that even the briefest of lapses can inhibit our members from successfully handling their financial business in a timely manner. We are committed to ensuring you receive the high quality of service you deserve both when visiting the branch and when conducting transactions remotely.

Thank you for your business and for your membership.


John Jameson

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